AFPC Faculty Membership

AFPC is your national voice for academic pharmacy. AFPC has two basic categories of members (voting and non-voting members). The 20 voting members are the Council of Faculties (one faculty voting member from each faculty / school / college of pharmacy) and the Council of Deans (one Dean or Director voting member from each faculty). All other members are non-voting: Faculty Members, Associates (non-faculty individuals) and Affiliates (external organizations). The AFPC Board of Directors is composed of five Council of Faculties and five Council of Deans members.

Each faculty has published membership criteria identifying who is eligible to be an AFPC Faculty Member. There are no individual faculty membership fees as each faculty pays an annual fee for all its faculty members, based on first year student enrollment. All faculty member information is provided to the AFPC office by the respective faculty / school / college.

AFPC Published Faculty Member Criteria (revised December 2023)

AFPC New Faculty Member Welcome/Information Letter (Français)

AFPC Programs, Services & Key Projects (Français)

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