Indigenous Educational Resources

Through the efforts of AFPC's Truth and Reconciliation Special Interest Group (T&R SIG), extensive resources are available. The T&R SIG focuses on, promotes and addresses critical issues related to integrating Indigenous content, ways of knowing, and ways of being and learning into Canadian pharmacy classrooms and programs, and to strategically collaborate in advancing reconciliation together. The goal of the SIG is to amplify and coordinate the active roles Canadian faculties of pharmacy play in Truth and Reconciliation, especially as it relates to preparing pharmacy graduates to practice culturally safe care when working with Canada’s growing Indigenous population and to enhance the accessibility and delivery of pharmacy education to Indigenous students.

The Truth & Reconciliation in Canadian Pharmacy Education web portal is available on the AFPC Faculty e-Resource (contact AFPC for information on accessing). The portal is a place to share resources and ideas, ask questions and collaborate with colleagues across the country. It includes a Resource Guide and extensive resources grouped under 9 topics: 

  1. Topic 1: Becoming an Ally
  2. Topic 2: Cultural Safety
  3. Topic 3: Education
  4. Topic 4: Health Care
  5. Topic 5: Curriculum and Course Initiatives
  6. Topic 6: Policy
  7. Topic 7: Competencies and Outcomes
  8. Topic 8: Ethical Community Engagement and Research
  9. Topic 9: Student Recruitment and Support

New on AFPC's e-Resource for Healthcare Professional Students is an Indigenous Health Terminology Unit. This unit is designed for healthcare students in Canada, and is intended to deepen learners' understanding of terminology with respect to Indigenous Peoples.The unit includes a quiz, evaluation and certificate. See: e-Learning for Healthcare Professional Students (

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