AFPC 2022 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2022 Faculty and Student Award Winners! 

AFPC 2022 Award Winners Booklet

AFPC Awards Gala Program (2020, 2021 & 2022 winners)

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AFPC / CFP Graduate Student Award for Pharmacy Practice Research
  Ashley Cid, University of Waterloo

AFPC / CCPE Graduate Student Research Award
  Danielle Drake, University of Toronto

AFPC / CCPE Student Research Poster Awards
  Ai-Leng Foong-Reichert, University of Waterloo
  Amy Soubolksy, University of Saskatchewan
  Brianne Desrochers, University of Manitoba 

AFPC / CCPE Whit Matthews Student Poster Awards 
  Wei Wei, University of Toronto (Undergraduate) 
  Jade Gauvin, Université de Montréal (Graduate)


AFPC New Investigator Research Award
  Mina Tadrous, University of Toronto

AFPC / PEBC Award for Excellence in Research or Innovation in Assessment of Competence
  Sarah Moroz, Cynthia Richard, Robin Andrade & Lisa Walsh, University of Waterloo

AFPC / Pfizer Research Career Award
  Anick Bérard, Université de Montréal

AFPC National Award for Excellence in Education
  Ema Ferreira, Université de Montréal​

AFPC Educational Scholarship Poster Award
  Marion Pearson, University of British Columbia


AFPC Woods-Hughes Special Service Award
  David Edwards, University of Waterloo

CFP and AFPC Past President Awards
  Susan Mansour, Dalhousie University

Thank you to all of the reviewers of the 2022 AFPC award applications!

Thank you to our Awards Sponsors. Awards were made possible through their generous financial support!




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