AFPC 2021 Award Winners

Congratulations to our 2021 Faculty and Student Award Winners! 

AFPC 2021 Award Winners Booklet 


AFPC / CFP Graduate Student Award for Pharmacy Practice Research
  Rand Hussein, University of Waterloo

AFPC / CCPE Graduate Student Research Award
  Zeynab Nosrati, University of British Columbia

AFPC / CCPE Student Research Poster Awards
  Gemma-Dawn MacDonald, Dalhousie University
  Léa Turgeon-Mallette, Université de Montréal
  Snehit Patel, University of Manitoba 


AFPC New Investigator Research Award
  Marie Lordkipanidzé, Université de Montréal

AFPC Award for Innovation in Education
  Jason Min, University of British Columbia

AFPC / Pfizer Research Career Award
  Sandy Pang, University of Toronto


CFP and AFPC Past President Awards
  Beverly FitzPatrick, Memorial University

Thank you to all of the reviewers of the 2021 AFPC awards!

Thank you to our Awards Sponsors. Awards were made possible through their generous financial support!





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