AFPC Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Graduate Student Award for Pharmacy Practice Research

Description of the Award

The AFPC CFP Award will be given for the best research paper published or accepted for publication during the year preceding the AFPC annual meeting by a pharmacy graduate student. The paper will report on research completed by the applicant while a graduate student at a Canadian Faculty of pharmacy. The winner will be notified by April 15, 2017 and must agree to attend the AFPC Conference.  


A suitable framed certificate will be presented to the recipient at the annual meeting of the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC). Travel and accommodation expenses to a maximum of $1,500 will be provided for the recipient to attend the AFPC conference. The recipient will also receive complimentary registration for the Annual Conference and a complimentary ticket to attend the Awards Banquet.

Criteria for submission of papers

  1. Eligible papers (written in English or French) are those that have been published or accepted for publication in a peer-reviewed journal within the calendar year preceding the application date for the award.
  2. The paper must be original applied research and fall within one or more of the following categories: (i) Pharmacy practice research that may include survey research, modeling, comparative studies, and meta analysis. (ii) Drug efficacy and safety studies within the context of optimizing the role of pharmacists in contributing to patient outcomes. (iii) Behavioral, social and administrative research that translates to the practice of pharmacy. (iv) Pharmacoeconomic, pharmacoepidemiologic or drug policy research which guides decision makers in providing optimal value in drug use.

  3. The applicant must have conducted the research for the paper while a graduate student.

  4. A graduate supervisor may only present one candidate in each competition.

  5. To apply, the candidate must submit the following in PDF format to the Executive Director (Harold Lopatka, . Deadline for submission is January 15, 2017.

(a) the paper to be judged; (b) notice of acceptance from the journal in which the paper is to appear, if it has been accepted, but not yet published; (c) a letter of support from the candidate's graduate supervisor at the time the research was conducted. This letter will confirm that the paper meets the criteria for the award; (d) an indication by the candidate of willingness to attend the AFPC meeting to accept the award; (e) the standardized award application form (see pages three and four of the AFPC Awards Booklet).

       6. The award will be given to the runner-up if the winner cannot attend the AFPC Meeting.

Criteria for Selection

The papers submitted shall be judged on the basis of criteria which include: quality and originality of research, clarity of presentation, scientific rigor, and impact to pharmacy practice.

Evaluation Committee

      1. The Committee usually is composed of three faculty members selected from the Faculties, Colleges, or Schools of Pharmacy in Canada.

      2. The members of the evaluation committee shall assess the papers submitted based on the criteria for selection and shall send their final assessment to the AFPC Awards Committee.

      3. The final decision on the best paper shall be made by the AFPC Awards Committee.


AFPC Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy Graduate Student Award for Pharmacy Practice Research 

See Awards book for details.

Submission of award applications should occur by Email on or before the due date indicated for each award to Harold Lopatka.


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