AFPC New Investigator Research Award

I. Name of the Award:

AFPC New Investigator Research Award

II. Donor:


III. Purpose:

To recognize outstanding research achievements and contributions of the junior members of the academic staff of Faculties, Colleges or Schools of Pharmacy in Canada.

IV. Award:

  1. A suitable framed certificate will be presented to the recipient at the annual meeting of the Association of Faculties of Pharmacy of Canada (AFPC).
  2. Travel and accommodation expenses to a maximum of $500 will be provided for the recipient to attend the AFPC Annual Conference.
  3. The recipient will also receive complimentary registration for the Annual Conference and a complimentary ticket to attend the Awards Banquet.

V. Selection Criteria:

  1. Each candidate must be an active member of the academic staff in one of the Colleges, Faculties or Schools of Pharmacy.
  2. The candidates shall be involved in high quality research in pharmacy which includes the supervision of graduate students and/or postdoctoral fellows.
  3. The nominee must be the principal investigator of the work submitted for consideration and must have been in the professorial stream for not more than a total of seven (7) years at the deadline for submission of nominations. If a major portion of the candidate's research has been performed as part of a group, the individual's role in the work must be clearly explained.

VI. Procedures for Nominating Eligible Candidates:

  1. Candidates shall be nominated by at least two AFPC members (please use AFPC application).
  2. The nominees shall sign the nomination forms indicating their willingness to let their names stand.
  3. The nominators shall submit a covering letter, not exceeding two (2) typed pages, outlining the qualifications of the nominees that make them worthy of the Award, according to the "Selection Criteria" for the Award.
  4. The application shall include a complete current curriculum vitae, provided by the nominee. The c.v. shall include information concerning the nominee's academic training and career, including positions held; honors and awards; peer reviewed grants; peer reviewed publications; invitational presentations; offices held in scientific or learned societies; editorial or advisory positions held with scientific or learned publications; visiting professorships; postgraduate fellows and graduate students directed, along with titles of projects; graduate or research courses or seminars conceived, taught, or coordinated; relevant collaborations with other researchers; and other such information, including unpublished manuscripts which may be relevant. The candidate's curriculum vitae must clearly state the date of appointment at his/her Faculty, College or School of Pharmacy.
  5. The nominators shall also submit letters from three (3) reviewers who are recognized experts in the nominee's field; at least one of the referees must be from outside Canada.

VII. Method of Selection:

  1. Prior to September 30 of each year, the Executive Director of AFPC shall inform all members of the terms of reference, criteria, and application procedures for the Award.
  2. Applications, including all relevant materials and documentation as outlined in "Procedures for Nominating Eligible Candidates", must be received by Email in PDF format ( by the Executive Director of AFPC no later than January 15, 2017 for the competition. This includes the standardized award application form - see pages three and four of the AFPC Awards Booklet.
  3. The Awards Committee of AFPC shall review all nominations and select the candidate who, in their judgement, best meets the criteria for the Award.
  4. The Awards Committee shall make their selection no later than April 1st, 2017 and forward the name of the winning candidate to the Executive Director of AFPC, after appropriate ratification of the Committee's decision by the AFPC Executive.
  5. Presentation of the Award shall be made at the annual meeting of the AFPC.
  6. The successful candidate must agree to attend the appropriate AFPC function to receive the Award.
  7. If there is no suitable candidate, the Award shall not be given in a particular year.
  8. Nothing shall preclude the presentation of the Award posthumously, provided the candidate was not deceased prior to twelve (12) months before the presentation of the Award.


AFPC New Investigator Research Award

See Awards book for details.

Submission of award applications should occur by Email on or before the due date indicated for each award to Harold Lopatka.


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