AFPC Special Interest Groups

AFPC has established a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to foster leadership, knowledge sharing and collaboration between Canadian Pharmacy Schools. Members of AFPC SIGs share a common interest in advancing a specific area of pharmacy education and scholarship.

Membership in AFPC SIGs is restricted to AFPC members or invited stakeholders/collaborators. To join a specific AFPC SIG, or for more information, please email the SIG Chair or the AFPC Executive Director, indicating your position, faculty and a brief description of your interest in the SIG topic. 

Educational Assessment SIG       
Ken Cor, Chair, University of Alberta                               
Terms of Reference

Geriatrics SIG - NEW!
Cheryl Sadowski, Co-chair, University of Alberta
Louise Papillon-Ferland, Co-chair, Université de Montréal

Terms of Reference
Informatics SIG                                                        
Lisa Bishop, Chair, Memorial University
Terms of Reference
Medicinal Chemistry SIG                                           
Ed Krol, Chair, University of Saskatchewan
Terms of Reference
PEP-C Experiential Education SIG                            
Ron Eros, Chair
University of Manitoba 
Terms of Reference
Program Evaluation SIG                                         
Robert Renaud, Chair, University of Manitoba
Terms of Reference
Self-Care Therapeutics & Minor Ailments SIG      
Drena Dunford, Chair, University of Manitoba
Terms of Reference
Skills Lab SIG                                                    
Sheila Ng, Chair, University of Manitoba
Terms of Reference
Truth & Reconciliation SIG                                    
Jaris Swidrovich, Co-chair, University of Toronto                  
Elaine Lillie, Co-chair, University of Waterloo
Terms of Reference
AFPC Opioid Working Group                                
Beth Sproule, Chair                                           
University of Toronto
AFPC Academic Electronic Health Record (aEHR) Working Group
Janet Cooper, Co-chair, AFPC Executive Director
Jason Min, Co-chair, University of British Columbia
Terms of Reference

CPERC 2023 Working Group                                
Christine Leong, Co-chair, University of Manitoba
Courtney Charles, Co-chair, University of Saskatchewan

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